SEO marketing

It is important to understand that SEO marketing is not some form of search engine optimization. This is an approach to enterprise development using search engine promotion tools and more.

Search engine marketing is primarily about attracting customers or target users from search engines. Its task is to use search engines to achieve business goals, namely:

  • attract customers, employees or partners;
  • improve the reputation of the company among the search results (SERM);
  • increase the number of orders for certain goods or services;
  • increase the trust of the target audience;
  • ensure maximum brand coverage;

In this case, traffic sources can be not only organic issuance, but also other search engine services, such as Google My Business, and work is carried out both on the site itself and on other resources where your company may be mentioned.

What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of actions directly on the site and outside it, the task of which is to increase the position of the resource in the search results for relevant queries.

SEO website optimization is a set of web promotion strategies and tools applied to a website page so that it appears organically in the top positions of search engines. Which as a result leads to an increase in traffic and conversion on the site.

Search Marketing Methods

Search marketing uses the following tools:

  • internal search engine optimization;
  • external resource optimization;
  • SERM – work with the company’s reputation on the Internet;

Internal optimization should not only increase visibility in search. Specialists also carry out the following work:

  • increase the conversion rate;
  • work on convenience;
  • weed out non-targeted traffic;
  • expand and customize the functionality of the resource.

Thus, the site not only increases traffic, but begins to work with visitors much more efficiently.

SERM Reputation Management

SERM is one of the promotion tools focused on creating a positive reputation of a brand, company or individual on the Internet. Reputation status directly affects online business, leads and sales. The SERM method includes:

  • feedback management. It happens that users leave negative reviews about everything. Not everyone knows how to notice and appreciate the good in goods or services. It is worth showing people the best sides of personality, brand, business;
  • creation of positive publications on authoritative resources (news portals, industry forums, thematic platforms).

Reputation is not only honor or prestige. The higher the reputation level, the more profit increases. A high rating, positive recommendations and satisfied customers are the basis for trust in the company. Then the goal of Internet marketing will be achieved faster.

Site and competition analysis

An SEO specialist checks for ranking limitations, indexing problems, and other issues that may interfere with the further promotion process. It evaluates the visibility of the site in search engines and conducts comprehensive analytics.

Effective SEO promotion of an online store, a service website is not implemented in isolation from competitors. The customer can independently point out the main business rivals, but the SEO expert conducts a broader analysis. As a result, you get a list of real competitors – pages that occupy the positions you need in the search are visible by keywords. This allows you to create a complete SEO strategy.

An in-depth analysis of similar sites and competitors in the promotion niche is the key to identifying working commerce factors. It allows you to highlight the points of growth of your resource, eliminate inaccuracies and emphasize the benefits, making them the hallmark of the web site.

Assessment of the general condition of the site at this stage of the project includes the formation of recommendations on the general parameters that are subject to adjustment.

Keyword Analysis

At this stage, keywords are selected that accurately characterize the product or service and are needed for search engine promotion of the site. The selection of keywords and their exact placement on the pages is one of the most important points on which success in organic search results depends.

The effectiveness of the project as a whole depends on how well the semantics of the site will be worked out. These are the words and text links by which the target audience comes to your resource. Now potential buyers do not find the site by accident. Selected keywords help them find you, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

The process of competent selection of keywords consists of the following steps:

  • Keys are determined that cover the entire search demand in the subject of the promoted site and competitors
  • All queries containing the given words and their synonyms are collected.
  • Competitiveness is checked
  • When selecting, commercial or informational queries are taken into account to understand the SEO strategy.

A number of auxiliary services will help to assemble a working semantic core: Google Keyword Planner, etc.

But it is worth remembering that SEO marketing is not the solution to all problems. Like every marketing tool, it has its own drawbacks and difficulties in applying.